Best answer: Why Allah does not listen my prayers?

Allah does listen to your prayers, He just doesn’t answer them when you want them to be answered. He is just testing you to see how much patience you have, then He’ll answer your prayer Inshallah, and give you something even BETTER than what you’ve been praying for.

Why does Allah delay answering prayers?

“Oh Allah please give me child.” Allah making du’a as the tool for us to connect directly with Him, it also becomes a worship for us, and we get rewards from it. Besides He gives us the answer, He also gives us rewards. … The Prophet s.a.w. said if Allah hears beautiful du’a from a servant, Allah delays the answer.

Why Is Allah not answering my Dua?

Allah is not answering you dua (prayers) because he doesn’t exist. If you prayed to a stone, even then there’s a 50:50 chance of your supplications coming true. It doesn’t make the rock into a god.

When Allah listen to our prayers?

Allah listens to our prayer all the time. But there are times, when the prayer is well accepted. I know two times out of mind now. Is one hour every Friday, but we don’t know the time.

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Does Allah hear all prayers?

Allah hears all the prayers but Allah doesnt grant all your wishes in those prayers.

Why Allah doesn’t give me what I want?

Another reason why Allah doesn’t always give you what you ask for is because He sees more harm than good in some of the things people ask for. When that happens, whether you realize it or not, that turns out to be a blessing, because there may have possibly been more harm than good in what you asked for.

Will Allah accept my dua if I don’t pray?

No, five times salat is the basic criteria for acceptance of Duas and further please Allah by Nafl Salats so that your Duas get accepted. If any one else make a dua for a person who does not offer Farz salat those Duas on also will not accepted.

Will Allah accept my dua if I sin?

Definitely yes, it doesn’t mean he whisper in our ears but if one is really ashamed of his sins and beg forgiveness by promising not to repeat those sins again Allah the all mighty (i m sure) will listen to his/her dua, will grant forgiveness.

Can Allah hear my thoughts?

In the Islamic faith, God (or Allah, your choice) knows every thought a person has. And conceal your speech or publicize it [it makes no difference]; indeed, He is Knowing of that within the breasts.

Is Allah always listening?

Allah (swt) always listens to your prayers, but Allah unlike us is not in a hurry you need to have patience and keep on praying like a little baby asking his parents, nagging them till it gets what it wants.

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What are the signs that your dua is accepted?

Some of the signs which you will notice that your dua is accepted are:

  • Repeated numbers.
  • Colors like green around you.
  • A repeated dream.
  • Seeing a famous personality in your dream.

How can I make Allah hear my prayers?

10 proven tips to get your duas answered.

  1. Make Dua for others.
  2. Ask people to make dua for you.
  3. Make lot of duas and many times during the day.
  4. Ask Allah first.
  5. Do a good deed.
  6. Give up a sin.
  7. Give thanks. …
  8. If you want increase in rizq, recite authentic duas before and after every meal.

How Allah answer our prayers?

Allah (or God) has three answers to prayers. They are “yes”, “no”, and “wait”. If you expect “yes” all the time, then you are going to be disappointed. (Even a human parent says “no” more often to his/her child then “yes”.

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