How do I convince my parents to let me wear a hijab?

Speak to your parents about Hijab taking help from the Quran. Explain that you want to do it to please Allah and if they would let you do it easily, they too will be rewarded. While doing so, try maintaining a balance between Allah’s command to take hijab and His order to speak kindly to parents.

How can I tell my parents I dont want to wear hijab?

Just talk to them and try to convince them by saying why don’t you want to wear it and tell your problems with it and make them sure you will not deny them afterwards and if the problem with it went up, you will take it up again with your wish.

Can parents force their daughters to wear hijab?

If parents failed to teach them till the age of 18,then the parents will be not allowed to force their daughter to wear hijab. If parents wants their child to wear hijab so they should taught them from their childhood in a right manner which Islam told us. They should produce the spirit in their child to wear hijab.

What age do you wear hijab?

According to Islam the girl should start to practice Islam ( including wearing Hijab ) once she get her first period. Before that age she is not obligated to pray, fast or wear hijab. Some parents try to make the girl get used to practice Islam at young age to make it easy for her when she grow up.

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Is it haram to take off the hijab?

It is a dressing style based on decency and modesty. So, when you say moving Hijab it means wearing indecent clothing and showing off your body. is doing that Haram? the answer is yes.

Is a hijab?

What is a hijab? It’s a type of covering worn by many Muslim women. Most often, it is a scarf or shawl. It usually covers a woman’s hair, neck, and shoulders.

Is it OK to be forced to wear hijab?

Forcing someone else to wear hijab is haram. Yes. If they don’t want to wear it that’s their choice. People who worship other than Allah, you have to respect their choice.

Is it haram to force someone to pray?

Originally Answered: In islam is forcing anyone to worship haram? It’s not haram, but it isn’t a good thing either, since it means the person who is being forced to worship is worshipping for the sake of the person and not for God. You should persuade them, not force, and they should make the decision themselves.

Is it compulsory to wear hijab?

Covering the head cannot be considered an act of modesty as Muslim men are not required to cover theirs. If you ask a pro-hijab Muslim why Muslim females should veil (wear the hijab), the reason given is usually one of two (or a mixture of both): They are obeying a command from Allah as given in the Qur’an.

Do I have to wear hijab in front of kids?

Hijab is an Arabic word meaning barrier or partition. … This means that hijab is not obligatory in front of the father, brothers, grandfathers, uncles or young children. Hijab does not need to be worn in front of other Muslim women, but there is debate about what can be revealed to non-Muslim women.

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