Which is the largest Islamic university in the world?

جامعة الأزهر (الشريف)
Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, Egypt
Religious affiliation Sunni Islam
President Dr. Mohamed Hussin

Which one is the best Islamic university in the world?

15 Best Islamic Universities in the World 2021

  • International Islamic University, Islamabad, Saudi Arabia.
  • Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia.
  • Kahramanmaras Sütçü Imam Üniversitesi, Turkey.
  • Al-Balqa’ Applied University, Jordan.
  • Jazan University, Saudi Arabia.
  • Al-Azhar University, Egypt.

What is the oldest and most prestigious Islamic university in the world?

University of Al-Qarawiyyin, Morocco, the oldest existing, continually operating and the first degree awarding educational institution in the world according to UNESCO and Guinness World Records.

How many Islamic universities are in Nigeria?

Data obtained from National Universities Commission (NUC), which is saddled for regulating the activities of universities in Nigeria; revealed that there are 75 licensed private universities in Nigeria out of which four (4) are Islamic faith based (NUC, 2018).

Who is the best Islamic scholar?


  • Abd al-Hamid Kishk (1933–1996)
  • Ahmad al-Tayyeb (born 1946)
  • Ahmad Muhammad Shakir (1892–1958)
  • Ali Gomaa (born 1952)
  • Muhammad Metwalli al-Sha’rawi (1911–1998)
  • Muhammad Sayyid Tantawy (1928–2010)
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What is Islamic educational institution?

An Islamic Educational Institution, therefore, is expected to recognize that the ultimate purpose of its existence is to nurture and guide students into principled Muslims who understand themselves, their religion, their dealings with others, and their role in the family, community, and society.

Which is the richest school in the world?

Harvard University — $38.3 Billion

With a current endowment of over $38 billion, Ivy League Harvard University is the wealthiest university in the world.

What are 10 oldest school in the world?

10 of the Oldest Universities in the World

  1. University of Bologna. Location: Italy. …
  2. University of Oxford. Location: United Kingdom. …
  3. University of Salamanca. Location: Spain. …
  4. University of Paris. Location: France. …
  5. University of Cambridge.
  6. University of Padua. Location: Italy. …
  7. University of Naples Federico II. …
  8. University of Siena.

Who built the first university?

Fatima al-Fihri: Founder of the world’s oldest university

Until this day, Fatima’s life holds many secrets even to historians. One such mystery surrounds the date of her death, which may have been around 878.

What was the first school in the world?

The oldest existing, and continually operating educational institution in the world is the University of Karueein, founded in 859 AD in Fez, Morocco. The University of Bologna, Italy, was founded in 1088 and is the oldest one in Europe. The Sumerians had scribal schools or É-Dub-ba soon after 3500BC.

How many universities are in Islamic countries?

There are 57 Muslim countries, with an estimated combined population of 2.04 billion people, and 1840 universities and degree awarding institutes.

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Which is the Centre of Islamic higher education?

Here we detail about the ten medieval centres of Islamic learning. The centres are (1) Delhi, (2) Agra, (3) Lahore, (4) Fatepur Sikri, (5) Multan, (6) Jaunpur, (7) Gujrat, (8) Kashmir, (9) Gour (Lakhnauti) (10) Bidar.

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