Was the Blue Mosque once a church?

It was originally built in 360 AD and for more than a thousand years was a Christian church. It belonged to the Orthodox Catholics for the whole time, except for a 57 year period between 1204 and 1261 when it was a Roman Catholic cathedral.

What was Blue Mosque before?

It sits next to the Hagia Sophia, the principal mosque of Istanbul until the Blue Mosque’s construction and another popular tourist site.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Architect(s) Sedefkâr Mehmed Agha
Type Mosque
Style Islamic, Late Classical Ottoman

What is difference between Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque?

The mosque is named the Blue Mosque because of the use of blue tiles on its walls. Hagia Sophia is one of the best treasures from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. It was built as a Cathedral which was turned into a mosque. Later, the Turkish Government turned into a museum.

Was the Hagia Sophia originally a church?

Originally a church, later a mosque, the 6th-century Hagia Sophia (532–537) by Byzantine emperor Justinian the Great was the largest cathedral in the world for nearly a thousand years, until the completion of the Seville Cathedral (1507) in Spain. The Church of Justinian I today.

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Why was the Blue Mosque created?

The Blue Mosque, one of the most important works of Ottoman history, was built by the architect, Mehmet Aga, at the request of Sultan Ahmet I. … In addition, Sultan Ahmet had a desire to build a temple of unprecedented beauty as a token of gratefulness to God.

Can you pray inside Blue Mosque?

Closed During Prayer Time

During the prayer hours/periods you are not allowed to be inside the mosque. But in between two sessions you are more than welcome. Some people might be praying outside the obligatory prayer times during your visit. … Prayer times are based on the position of the sun in the sky.

What are two elements of the Blue Mosque?

The mosque features two main sections: a large unified prayer hall crowned by the main dome and an equally spacious courtyard. In contrast to earlier imperial mosques in Istanbul, the monotony of the exterior stone walls is relieved through numerous windows and a blind arcade.

Is Hagia Sophia bigger than Blue Mosque?

At first glance the Blue Mosque can indeed rival with the Hagia Sophia. … By contrast, when compared to the Hagia Sophia, the interior is rather underwhelming. The central dome of the Blue Mosque, which is 23,5 meters in diameter and 43 meters high at its central point, is of course impressive.

Why is the Blue Mosque so important?

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque by many tourists because of its bluish interior decoration, is the most important mosque of Istanbul standing next to the Byzantine Hippodrome in the old city center. … When Ahmed I died in 1617, he was buried near the mosque and a mausoleum was built over his tomb.

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Was Hagia Sophia a pagan temple?

The structure originally erected on the site of the Hagia Sophia was a Christian cathedral called the Megale Ekklesia, which was commissioned by the first Christian Roman emperor, Constantine I. Prior to that, the site had been home to a pagan temple.

Is the Blue Mosque the biggest in the world?

It’s the biggest mosque for us Muslims and it’s very near to. Legend hotel just 5 mints walk.

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