Quick Answer: Why do Shia do Matam?

Shia Muslims worldwide cut themselves with swords and knives, covered their bodies with mud and lit bonfires in the streets to mourn the death of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson today. … Imam Hussein’s martyrdom is widely interpreted by Shia as a symbol of the struggle against injustice, tyranny and oppression.

What Quran says about matam?

There is no specific mention of matam in the Quran but if we look into the sunnah, we will come to see that it is impermissible and strongly discouraged by the messenger of Allah.

Did Shia kill Hussain?

Prior to his death, the Umayyad ruler Mu’awiya appointed his son Yazid as his successor, contrary to the Hasan-Muawiya treaty. When Muawiya died in 680, Yazid demanded that Husayn pledge allegiance to him.

Husayn ibn Ali.

Sayyid al-Shuhada Husayn ibn Ali Third Imam of Shia Islam
Cause of death Beheaded at the Battle of Karbala

Why do Shia hit their chest?

For Shia Muslims, Ashura is a solemn day of mourning the martyrdom of Hussein in 680 AD at Karbala in modern-day Iraq. It is marked with mourning rituals and passion plays re-enacting the martyrdom. Shia men and women dressed in black also parade through the streets slapping their chests and chanting.

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Why do Shia wear black?

Why do Shia Muslims wear black? – Quora. Peace be on you. Respectfully: They do not wear black all the times. Mostly they wear so in month of Muharram to remember the great sacrifices for truth and martyrdom of Hadhrat Imam Hussein, his family members and dears – may Allah be pleased with them.

Do all Shias do matam?

Yes. Every Shia believes in Matam. Azadari from Sunni books: Azaadaari (mourning) is a means to express sorrow for the hardships suffered by the Ahle Bait (a.s.) at the hands of the caliphs of their time.

Is Shia and Sunni Quran different?

The Shia view of the Qur’an differs from the Sunni view, but the majority of both groups believe that the text is identical. While some Shia disputed the canonical validity of the Uthmanic codex, the Shia Imams always rejected the idea of alteration of Qur’an’s text.

Why do Shias cry?

According to Shia tradition, the weeping and the flow of tears provides condolences to Imam Husayn’s mother and his family, as the living relatives (mostly women and children) were not allowed to weep or lament over their martyred family which involved Imam Husayn’s, his family (including his two sons, a six-month-old …

Is Hussain a Shia name?

It is commonly given as a male given name, particularly among Shias. In Persian language contexts, the transliterations Ḥosayn, Hosayn, or Hossein are sometimes used.


Word/name Arabic
Meaning Handsome
Region of origin Arabia (Middle East)
Other names

Why is the Battle of Karbala important to the Shia?

The Battle of Karbala took place in Karbala (680), in present day Iraq. … The battle resulted in the military defeat of Husayn ibn Ali’s group, the death of almost all of his men, and the captivity of all women and children. The Battle of Karbala is one of the most significant battles in the history of Shia Muslims.

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Does Shia go to Hajj?

In 2009 a group of Shiites on their way to perform hajj pilgrimage (one of the five pillars of Islam that all able-bodied Muslims are required to perform once in their lives) in Mecca were arrested by Saudi religious police due to the involvement in a protest against the Saudi government.

What does Shia believe in?

Shia Muslims believe that just as a prophet is appointed by God alone, only God has the prerogative to appoint the successor to his prophet. They believe God chose Ali to be Muhammad’s successor, infallible, the first caliph (khalifah, head of state) of Islam.

How does Shia pray?

Sunni Muslims pray five times a day, whereas Shia Muslims can combine prayers to pray three times a day. Shia prayers can often be identified by a small tablet of clay, from a holy place (often Karbala), on which they place their forehead while bowing in prayer.

Do Shia and Sunni go to the same mosque?

Yes. Sunnis generally “go to mosques”. Yes. Shi’as go to Mosques (Masjid) as other Muslims do.

Can Shia wear black shoes?

Any black leather dress shoe should do just fine and given the rest of your outfit, if you pair black dress shoes with a black dress shirt, red tie, grey suit jacket and grey slacks, you’ll look quite smart.

Is wearing black Haram?

All Muslims can wear black. Islam is not superstitious. It is based on logic and human nature. Allah is the Creator of all colours.

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