Question: How did Islam come to Trinidad?

The first Muslims to arrive in the country arrived from Africa brought as slaves by the colonists. … From the 1840s, Muslims came from South Asia as part of the Indian indenture system to work on sugar cane and cacao plantations. Muslims today are mostly of South Asian descent but there are converts from all races.

How did Islam come to the Caribbean?

Islam was once more introduced to the Caribbean through the indentured laborers from India from 1845 to 1917. … Mitchell, a nationally known architect from north Trinidad, became a Muslim in 1950. Being influenced by religious missionaries, Mitchell initially practiced many local traditions.

Who brought Arabic to Trinidad?

Records show that as early as 1902 there were Syrian/Lebanese families living in Trinidad. Abdullah Gabriel and Elias Galy were among the earliest Lebanese settlers to Trinidad.

Do Muslims live in Trinidad?

Around 1.3 million people live on Trinidad and Tobago. Six percent of the population identifies as Muslim. According to information from the local Ministry for National Security, in the past four years 130 fighters and numerous family members have traveled to Syria.

What two groups brought Islam to Caribbean?

This chapter discusses the introduction of Islam to the Caribbean, beginning with the African slaves followed by the East Indian indentured immigrants. Indian Muslims, though initially isolated from the wider society, have integrated successfully with the wider society especially during the post-independence period.

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What is the major religion in Trinidad?

Religion in Trinidad and Tobago, which is a multi-religious nation, is distributed as follows: The largest religious group is Christianity with 63.2 percent of the population.

What language did the Amerindians speak?

It is interesting to note that the ancestral Amerindian languages were first replaced by Spanish, then Patois/French Creole, which in turn has been mostly replaced by English and English Creole.

Are there Muslims in West Indies?

Islam in Jamaica is a minority religious affiliation. … Islam was one of the main religions of Africans brought to the Caribbean and America other Muslim groups came through the indenturship program Africa and the Indian subcontinent, and today make up a population of about 1,513 with several mosques and festivals.

What religion is Guyana?

Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam are the dominant religions in Guyana. The majority of the Indo-Guyanese are Hindus, although a substantial number are Muslims. Some Indo-Guyanese have converted to Christianity, but conversion is often for professional reasons.

Is Trinidad a Hindu country?

Hinduism is the second largest religion in Trinidad and Tobago. Hindu culture arrived in 1845 in Trinidad and Tobago. According to the 2011 census there were 240,100 declared Hindus in Trinidad and Tobago. There are also various temples in Trinidad and Tobago to accommodate Hindus.

What religion is Barbados?

Religion in Barbados is predominantly Christian.

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