Is Quran com safe?

Quran – by – قرآن is a totally legit app. … Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Quran – by – قرآن Is 76.2/100.

Is Quran com a trusted website? is a trusted site with several decent translations.

Which Quran app is authentic?

iQuran Lite is one of the most popular android apps for reading the Quran. It has more than 10 million downloads on play store and has a rating of 4.8. In iQuran Lite you can get English translations of the Quran and can also listen to audio recitation.

Is Quran genuine?

The Quran is viewed to be the scriptural foundation of Islam and is believed by Muslims to have been sent down by God (Allah) and revealed to Muhammad by the angel Jabreel (Gabriel).

Does Quran com have an app?

Quran by

Quran for Android is a free app that offers completely free a fully-featured version of the Quran, with audio recitations, bookmarking, tagging, sharing options, images and more than 20 languages available.

Who is best Quran reciter in world?

The quadrumvirate of El Minshawy, Abdul Basit, Mustafa Ismail, and Al-Hussary are generally considered the most important and famous Qurra’ of modern times to have had an outsized impact on the Islamic world.

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How can I listen to the Quran offline?

How to listen to the Quran offline

  1. – To download a surah, simply click on the “Cloud” button front of the desired surah.
  2. The “Cloud” button disappear front of downloaded surah :

Which is the best Quran Tafseer in English?

Modern Tafsīrs

  • Tafsir e Ashrafi by Shaykh al-Islām Syed Mohammed Madni Ashraf, he has written a 10 volume Tafsir and its received acclaim by all leading scholars to be the best Urdu Tafsir of 20th century. …
  • Tafhim-ul-Quran by Abul A’la Maududi; 06 volumes of tafsir written in 30 years.

Can I kiss my wife private parts in Islam?

It is permissible to kiss the private parts of the wife before intercourse. However, it is makruh after intercourse. In the same way, a wife can kiss her husband’s genitals. Seven: Husband and wife sexual intercourse is fundamentally legal.

Is there any mistake in Quran?

Islam is built on the never proved claim that the Quran is the exact words of a god. But no omniscient god uses wrong facts, other errors, contradictions, etc., by the hundreds and more. There is much discrepancy in the Quran = the Quran is not from a god = Islam is a made up “religion”. See also verse 4/82.

Who wrote Quran?

The Prophet Muhammad disseminated the Koran in a piecemeal and gradual manner from AD610 to 632, the year in which he passed away. The evidence indicates that he recited the text and scribes wrote down what they heard.

Can Quran read online?

Reading Quran online is also called online Quran reading, online Quranic recitation, or simply “Reading Quran.” It is an exciting and innovative way of getting familiar with the holy book through reading. The purpose of reading the Quran online is to gain knowledge about religion.

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What is the correct way to read the Quran?

Start with small chapters, pay attention, follow the rules and recite gently. If you can, listen to an audio recorder of a Qari (reciter) reading it, so you can follow along and take lessons from their recitation. Take time out. Leave about half an hour out of your daily schedule to read the Qur’an.

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