Is Emre a Muslim name?

Emre name meaning is a friend who is loving or an older brother,. Emre is a Muslim boy name and it is an Turkish originated name with multiple meanings and the associated lucky number is 8.

What is the meaning of Emre in Urdu?

Meaning of Emre: Name Emre in the Urdu, Turkish origin, means a friend who is loving or an older brother.. … People with name Emre are usually Muslim, Islam by religion.

What name is Emre?

Meaning of the name Emre

Of Turkish origin meaning ‘loving friend’.

Is Zakir a Muslim name?

Zakir is a Muslim Boy Name. Zakir name meaning is Grateful. It has multiple Islamic meaning. The name is originated from Arabic.

Zakir Name Meaning.

Name Zakir
Language Arabic
Religion Muslim
Lucky Days Friday, Monday
Lucky Colors Blue, Green, White

What Does Emre mean in Arabic?

This name derives from the Arabic “’-m-r > ʼamīr”, meaning “prince, ruler or commander”.

What is Emre short for?

The name Emre is a boy’s name of Turkish origin meaning “friend”. This Turkish name meaning “friend” should be very useable outside Turkey, given that it is pronounced just as it is spelled. Famous men named Emre include Emre Can, a chess grandmaster, and Emre Sahin, the director.

What emir means?

Emir, Arabic Amīr, (“commander,” or “prince”), in the Muslim Middle East, a military commander, governor of a province, or a high military official.

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How many people have the name Emre?

National Statistics

There are 0.09 people named EMRE for every 100,000 Americans. This name is most often used as a first name, 73% of the time. Based on the analysis of 100 years worth of data from the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Baby Names database, the estimated population of people named EMRE is 573.

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