Frequent question: Is AHIL name in Quran?

Name Ahil
Meaning Emperor, Ruler
Gender Boy
Lucky Number 8
Language Arabic

What does the name AHIL mean in Islam?

Detailed Meaning

Aahil is an Arabic word meaning “prince.” Although it translates to prince, it generally refers to a king or ruler who presides over multiple nations and countries.

Is AHIL Hindu name?

Ahil is a Hindu Boy name and it is Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. Ahil name meaning is Prince; Emperor; Ruler.

Is Alayna a Quranic name?

Alayna is not a Quranic or Arabic name. There is an Arabic word `alayna, which means “upon us” and is used in the Quran often, but it is not used as a name in Arabic since it is just a proposition and doesn’t have a meaning. Aleena is a good Islamic name that’s similar sounding to Alayna.

What is the meaning of Ahail?

Meaning of Ahail – Prince.

How do you say AHIL in Arabic?

Additional information: Aahil is an Arabic name that means “great king”, “great leader”, “emperor”, a king or ruler who presides over multiple nations and countries. It is written as عَاهِل in Arabic and can also be written as Ahil, Ahel, Aahel in Latin and English.

What is meaning of Zayan in Urdu?

Zayan is a Muslim Boy Name, it has multiple Islamic meaning, the best Zayan name meaning is Beautiful, and in Urdu it means خوبصورت٬مہمان نواز. , the associated lucky number is 5. … Zayan name is a famous Muslim baby name which is often preferred by parents. Zayan name meaning is “beautiful” or”hospitality”.

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Is Aria an Arabic name?

Aria is a Muslim Boy name and has Persian origin. Aria is another spelling of the Sanskrit and ancient Persian name Arya, which means “pure”, “noble”.

Is Alayna a good name?

The name Alayna is most popular in the state of Ohio where it is a Top 100 favorite for girls. Alayna is a choice for parents who like their names spelled out FO-NET-I-KAL-LEE.

What hailstorm means?

: a storm accompanied by hail.

What is the hailstone?

(heɪlstoʊn ) Word forms: plural hailstones. countable noun [usually plural] Hailstones are small balls of ice that fall like rain from the sky.

What type of word is hailed?

to cheer, salute, or greet; welcome. to acclaim; approve enthusiastically: The crowds hailed the conquerors. They hailed the recent advances in medicine. to call out to in order to stop, attract attention, ask aid, etc.: to hail a cab.

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