Best answer: What were the consequences of the Islamic translation of Greek and Persian literature?

Why was the translation movement important?

The translation movement played a significant role in the Islamic Golden Age. The advent and rapid spread of papermaking learned from Chinese prisoners of war in 751 CE also helped to make the translation movement possible. The translation movement in Arab progressed in development during the Abbasid period.

What are the persian Indian and Greek influences on Islam?

The Islamic world was greatly influenced by its contact with the older Greek, Persian, and Indian societies in multiple ways. … The main influence Persia had on Islam was that of their literary works, as Persian was the principal language of literature, poetry, history, and political reflection.

How was the Islamic world influenced by its contact with the older Greek Persian and Indian societies?

Terms in this set (9) How was the islamic world influenced by its contact with the older Greek, Persian, and Indian societies? … The pre-established Greek fields of philosophy, mathematics, and medicine helped the Islamic people further expand their knowledge on those subjects.

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Why is it important that Islamic scholars translated and preserved ancient Greek classics?

Arabic translations and commentary. Arabic logicians had inherited Greek ideas after they had invaded and conquered Egypt and the Levant. Their translations and commentaries on these ideas worked their way through the Arab West into Spain and Sicily, which became important centers for this transmission of ideas.

What was the translation movement and why was it so successful?

The translation movement

The Abbasid rulers wanted to make Greek texts, such as Aristotle’s works, available to the Arab world. Their goal was to translate as many of these famous works as possible in order to have a comprehensive library of knowledge and to preserve the philosophies and scholarship of Greece.

Who started the translation movement?

Hunayn was notable for his method which began with literal translations on which he based subsequent, rather loose, paraphrases of the original text. Hunayn also wrote his own books, some 36 works altogether, of which 21 were concerned with medical topics.

What were the influences of Persian on Islam?

Another influence of the Iranian culture in Islam is evident in India and Northern China. Islam was first brought to these realms by invasion of Persianate Ghaznavid rulers and as such, Islam is blended with Persian culture in these places.

What are the Persian influences on Islam?

People from Persia played a very pivotal role in Islam and it’s cities served as places of learning for quite some time. It produced Islamic jurists (Fuqahā’), Hadith experts (Muhaddithūn), experts of Arabic language, Mutakallimūn (Philosophers, Rational Thinkers), Sufis and Poets etc.

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What did the Muslims learn from the Greeks?

The Arabs acquired Greek geographical and astronomical knowledge in the eighth century, when the works of Ptolemy and other Greek philosophers were translated into Arabic. Muslim scholars learned Greek scientific thought and accepted these views as working theories necessary for further scientific inquiry.

Why did Islam spread so quickly essay?

Islam spread quickly during the 600’s trade, choice, and conquest. … The new religion of Islam was able to spread so quickly due to trade. The first reason is Mecca was the center of trade for the Arabian Peninsula.

Why did Islam spread quickly?

The history of the spread of Islam spans about 1,400 years. Muslim conquests following Muhammad’s death led to the creation of the caliphates, occupying a vast geographical area; conversion to Islam was boosted by Arab Muslim forces conquering vast territories and built imperial structures over time.

Who preserved Greek and Roman text?

The widespread ignorance of the Byzantines‘ role in the preservation of classical Greek and Roman texts is just one small part of a centuries-old, systematic effort by westerners to marginalize the Byzantine Empire and minimize its importance in European history.

What are three important achievements of the Golden Age Islamic civilization?

Scientists advanced the fields of algebra, calculus, geometry, chemistry, biology, medicine, and astronomy. Many forms of art flourished during the Islamic Golden Age, including ceramics, metalwork, textiles, illuminated manuscripts, woodwork, and calligraphy.

What was ancient Greek literature preserved by?

It was the Muslim culture that preserved much of the ancient Greek literature.

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